A national-level technical symposium ‘Bioflare-12' was held at Anil Neerukonda Institute of Technology and Sciences (ANITS) on Friday. Inaugurating the symposium, the Vice-President of Mylan Laboratories said that sky is the limit for professionals in organic chemistry, if one is determined and has the attitude towards research and development.

Addressing the participants, Prof. T. Vithal Reddy from Agric Biotech Foundation said that biotechnology plays a major role in providing food, fibre and housing requirements of society and he added that the various branches of biotechnology like molecular biotechnology, designer drugs, synthetic biotechnology have improved the life style, while the agricultural biotechnology is working hard to meet the food, fibre and medicinal demands of the increasing population.

Dr V. V. Ramachandra Rao, CEO, Biognosys Technologies told that lack of political footage is dominating the noble ideas of scientists, only projects can motivate scientists, students and the administrators must support the materialisation of innovative technologies into commercial value.

Prof. VSRK Prasad, Principal of ANITS, presided over the function. Dr V. Sridevi, HoD of Biotechnology, Prof. G. H. Rao, Co-Chairman of the symposium and Prof. Govardhana Rao director of the college, spoke.

Sumit Bhattcharjee

in Visakhapatnam