Exam centres have now turned into hi-tech security zones to prevent hi-tech cheating

Examination halls these days could easily be mistaken for highly sensitive zones. Metal detectors, CCTVs, biometric verification of identities… it is easier to fly to a foreign country than make it into the examination hall. After seeing the hi-tech security measures undertaken at the recently concluded Postgraduate Entrance Tests (PGET) of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) and COMED-K, one is left wondering what effect the gadgets have on already tensed students.

However, the universities/boards cannot be accused of making the life of students' miserable as candidates keep on searching for new ways to cheat in examinations. Who will win this cat and mouse game is yet to be decided. Here is the verdict of students on the elaborate security measures inside examination halls by the colleges to curb malpractices.

Gurneet Kaur, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College

It's a big ‘no' to metal detectors. Students will be uncomfortable, they will be really annoyed and irritated. It's a big disgrace to students going through such a situation. However, mobile phones should not be allowed in the exam hall.

Yes, cameras will make us conscious, they well be big distractions to the students while writing the exams. More than concentrating on writing, they will be conscious of the CCTV cameras.

Vibin V., St. Joseph's Arts and Science College

From the faculty's point of view, this move should be supported, anything to prevent cheating should be supported. But when we look from the students' point of view, we are smarter than the organisers, so we will outsmart them anyway. Yet, it should not stop organisers from taking measures to stop cheating. The approach they are taking is nice, examiners are moving forward from traditional ways to new technologies. To stop someone smart, you need to be smarter.

Mobiles should not be allowed in the examination hall as there are smart-phones with software which enable them to be used like books. Yes, cameras will make us conscious, but with time we will get used to it.

To stop cheating, modern methods can be used. Use of scientific calculators should not be allowed in the examination hall as they have options to store formulas.

Heena Kausar, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College

The students who work hard end up getting lesser marks than those who cheat in the exams, so it is a good move that they will be installing metal detectors.

No, mobile phones should not be allowed in the examination hall as they are not necessary at all. We are there to write an exam, so what's the use of carrying a mobile phone?

In a certain way, a camera is an advantage but there are many students who become conscious when an invigilator is staring at them.

To prevent cheating there should be more than one invigilator in the examination room. Students should be thoroughly checked before they enter the room.

Shubesh Swain, Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology

It is a very good move and now they can easily catch students who are cheating in exams. In the future, everyone will come prepared for such examinations and with so many developments, new technologies should be brought into use.

Mobile phones should not be allowed as they can be used as e-books and will make cheating very easy.

Yes, CCTV cameras will make us conscious; we will keep on thinking as if someone is watching us.

Students should be checked thoroughly as they use spy pens or they write on their arms and wear loose-fitting clothes or full-sleeved shirts to hide them and even hide chits where it is very difficult to find them.

Anirudha R., St. Joseph's Arts and Science College

I understand what examiners are trying to do, they will do anything to prevent cheating but I do not agree with their methods. Despite all kinds of rules and methods it is very difficult to stop students from cheating. Students of our generation are smarter than the teachers, so whatever the latter try to do, they cannot prevent the students from cheating.

Mobile phones should be switched off and kept out of the examination hall.

Definitely, CCTV cameras will make us conscious. It is not that students will feel guilty but they will get the feeling that someone is constantly breathing down their neck.

The only way to stop cheating is by the student's own conscience. Teachers cannot stop students from cheating if they want to cheat and what is being done already to prevent cheating is more than enough.