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COMMUNICATING: Staff busy at a call centre
COMMUNICATING: Staff busy at a call centre

My daughter is studying in Standard VI and is good at interior decoration. I want her to build a career in Fashion Designing. I do not know whether I am doing the right thing. Please guide me.Manjula"Genius is nothing more or less than childhood recovered by will, a childhood equipped for self-expression with an adult's capacities." Charles Pierre Baudelaire (French poet, 1821-1867).All parents want the best for their children. They identify traits that they believe the children would adapt in the future and try to nurture them. Provide your child all the opportunities to explore, without any inhibition, of course with your watchful eye for support when the task becomes uphill. The encouragement that one provides will help the child assess the pros and cons of the subject being dealt with. Helping the child to take part in competitions and programmes would also help it to become confident at a very early age, which is the need of the hour. Walt Disney (film-maker, 1901-1966) has rightly said, "our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children." By inculcating a quality of enquiry, questioning, scientific temper, we adults can bring in the facet of thinking in the minds of the young people. Creativity has no limit, no boundaries or even inhibitions. Recently, I read an article of yours on the jobs pertaining to the BPO world. I am interested in getting a job in the non-voice segment of the BPO industry. I have adequate knowledge about typing on computers; I have a degree in Arts and have also done Bachelor in Law.PrithiniToday, students and those interested in a career in the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) are not considered to be in the disadvantaged segment, as we can see the consolidation of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) world, and all join the BPO fraternity not out of compulsion, but by choice. BPO today does not represent a stigma; it is a chosen field for many as the world moves over to a very articulate version of business. The contact centre (call centre) executive gets to work in outbound or inbound call centre business.Contact centres have a myriad applications: sales support, technical queries, telemarketing, billing problems, accounts management, complaints handling and market research. Some of the generic skills required are: Fluency in English, with a neutral accent (companies will train on the basis of the requirement), good listening skills (as listening is a very important process in the BPO world), skills to analyse the business transaction, customer service focus and the ability to work in teams. The BPOs offer two types of opportunities: Voice jobs and non-voice jobs. The latter is further divided into i) data entry: updating of databases of clients and ii) transaction processing: responding to queries and complaints over e-mail.Human capital consultants have played a vital growth in providing quality manpower to the BPO industry. They include: 1. Ma Foi Management Consutltants Limited ( , 10, Service Road, Domlur Layout, Bangalore-71. Ph: 51150600, 51256538. E-mail: mafoiban@mafoi.com2. ABC Consultants Private Limited ( , 1st Floor, The Presidency, St. Mark's Road, Bangalore-1. Ph: 51795000. E-mail: Bangalore@abcconsultants.net3. Alp Management Consultants Private limited ( , 3, People Hut, 12th Main, Palace Road, Vasantnagar, Bangalore-52. Ph: 5111 7800. E-mail: info@alpconsultants.com4. Aenon Consultants ( ), 111/1, 112, Arora Business Centre, next to Manipal Centre, Dickenson Rd, Bangalore-42.5. Evolution Corporate Solutions, 55-33/1, 2nd Floor, 5th Cross, 3rd Main, Hanumanthnagar, Bangalore-50.6. Pyramid Solutions, 333, 3rd Floor, Ramanashree Chambers,Lady Curzon Road , Bangalore-1.7. Strategic Career Networks Pvt. Ltd., 98, 3rd Floor, Skylark Palazzo, Airport Road (next to Kempfort), Bangalore-17.You can log on to the following websites which update you with the job requirements in the BPOs: www.naukri.comwww.monsterindia.comwww.jobsahead.comwww.itjobz.comI have completed my M.Sc. in Physics, and specialised in "Condensed Matter Physics" from Mangalore University. I want to do M.Tech in Materials Engineering. Please give me details of institutes offering this course.Manjunatha K.B.Materials engineering focuses on materials design, processing techniques (casting, rolling, welding, crystal growth, thin film deposition, sintering, glassblowing, etc.), analytical techniques (electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, calorimetry, etc.) and cost/benefit tradeoffs in industrial materials production (Wikipedia). Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) encompasses the spectrum of metals, ceramics, polymers (plastics), semiconductors, and combinations of materials called composites. MSE builds on the foundation of materials science and is concerned with the design, fabrication and optimal selection of engineering materials that must simultaneously fulfil dimensional, property, quality control and economic requirements.The focus of MSE is on the following aspects: Metals: They are combinations of metallic elements that havegeneric types of properties. Metals usually are good conductors of heat and electricity. Also, they are quite strong but malleable and tend to have a lustrous look when polished. Ceramics: They are generally compounds between metallic and non-metallic elements and include such compounds as oxides, nitrides and carbides. Typically they are insulating and resistant to high temperatures and harsh environments. Plastics: Plastics (or polymers) are generally organic compounds based on carbon and hydrogen. They are very large molecular structures. Usually they are of low density and are not stable at high temperatures. Semiconductors: They have electrical properties intermediate between metallic conductors and ceramic insulators. Also, the electrical properties are strongly dependant upon small amounts of impurities. Composites: They consist of more than one material type. Fibreglass, a combination of glass and a polymer, is an example. Concrete and plywood are other familiar composites. Many new combinations include ceramic fibres in metal or polymer matrix. Some of the institute where you could pursue Master of Technology in Material Science and Engineering are:1. School of Material Science and Technology, Institute of Technology, Benaras Hindu University, Beneras-221 005 ( which conducts the programmes related to Material Sciences at the under-graduate and post-graduate level. 2. Indian Institute of Science (, Bangalore. You should contact the Mechanical Sciences division for the programme.3. Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) (Shantibastawada Road, Machhe, Belgaum-590 014. Ph: 0831-2405468 ( . It also offers the post-graduate programme in Materials Engineering through its constituent colleges. SHAHEED KHAN



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