It is holiday time and just the right time to air views and be technology friendly

Endless summers are here and what are students doing to keep their cool? Well, for one, when the heat is keeping them indoors, many are taking to blogging to keep themselves entertained at home. And as such, it is no surprise that blogging is becoming a rage. It has never been easier to share poems, stray thoughts, random ideas, art and other such little whims and actually give such a deviation a credible name. Blogs are no longer just the geek's domain. With popular web portals such as "Blogspot" and "Live-Journal" becoming as mundane as a hotmail or google, everyone is hooked onto the new pastime. It is probably the best way to keep friends and families updated on what is happening in their lives. In fact, many colleges are also encouraging the use of blogs amongst their students as a means of expressing themselves. Forum

The idea was to provide them with a forum wherein they could voice their opinions on what was happening in their college, keep their classmates informed about important events and at the same time share their thoughts and ideas in general. Being students of Communicative English, the students felt that they were gaining practical exposure to the skills of writing, which are sometimes lacking in a theoretical course. What started off as a learning experience soon become fun and lots of students started their own personal blogs. Sonali, a 17-year-old Fine Arts student at the Chitrakala Parishat, has a photography page on titled "Crossworlds." Photoblogs are fast catching up with youngsters due to easy access to technology such as the "Digi-cam." Such websites allow for easy recognition of their works, even at an amateur level. Rashmi Swamy, a Genetics student at The Essex University in the U.K., took to blogging. Through her blog, she keeps friends posted about new developments and interesting events that take place in her life. As the name of her blog "A Day in the Life of Just Me" suggests, her personal blog on Blogspot talks about the happenings that she finds worth mentioning.The fact that this new medium is fast gaining popularity would perhaps be an understatement. Recently, an Iraqi woman's blog, "Baghdad Burning," got short-listed for The Samuel Johnson Prize, a prestigious British award for non-fiction. The blog (short for web-log) was launched initially as a website that displays, in chronological order, the posts or entries by one or more individuals and usually has links to comments on specific postings. It was a virtual journal of sorts. In fact, so much importance is being given to this medium that some employers even go through the blogs of prospective candidates, to short-list the best. Whether the craze is just a new flush of romance with another child of the Internet, or whether the blogs are really here to stay is a matter of debate. But one thing is for sure, they aren't going anywhere out of style in the near future.SHIKHA GUPTA