The three day ‘RoboVeda’ swears to explore the unwritten lore of Robotics

The Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology is gearing up for its mega national technical festival - the ‘RoboVeda’, which swears to explore the unwritten lore of Robotics.

The three-day festival, starting on August 29, will provide an impetus to venture into the untouched areas of Robotics, explore the opportunities and utilise them to the fullest.

It is hosting a bonanza of mind-boggling events which test the participant’s shrewdness and ability to design a robot with a great degree of mobility, vigilance and flexibility without compromising on its robustness and size.

Besides the robot designing events which are eight in number, there would be workshops for both novice and veterans in the field of Robotics and a paper presentation contest for those interested in unleashing their talents in the ‘study and research’ arena.

Lucrative prizes

There is also an event named ‘Parishkar’, a Robotics project expo, where in students can display their projects in robotics useful for the society.

Lucrative prizes have been set aside for each event.

Guest lectures

Guest Lectures by pioneers in Robotics, from highly reputed organisations like ISRO and DRDO, have been arranged to make people cognizant of the nuances in the field.

It will be a good opportunity for students to make both ends of the candle burn and witness the emulation of anthropomorphic features by machines.

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