The National Translation Mission, in addition to creating a National Register for Translators and a storehouse of information, will give accreditation to people to function as “NTM translators.”

Translation of reference books, journals, college and university textbooks, open pedagogic materials, specialised books, critical studies, instructional manuals in engineering and biological studies and so on will be done in 22 Indian languages.

“The non-urban and non-elite find it difficult to cope with the knowledge explosion, most of which is happening in English. China, Korea and Japan have done phenomenal work in translation. Hence, our objective is to provide literary and knowledge texts in their (target beneficiaries’) own languages (mother tongues) and therefore the Mission has been launched,” according to the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) Director Udaya Narayan Singh.

The mission will touch upon all major disciplines to select texts for translation. The chief domain areas have been categorised into priority I and priority II.

Robotics, sculpture, theatre studies, engineering, culture studies, biochemistry, astrophysics and other disciplines have been included in NTM.

The Union government, which is funding the National Translation Mission (NTM, has asked the CIIL to explore the possibilities of popularising online dictionaries, including dictionaries on mobile phones.