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POSITIVE CHANGE: It helps to deviate from the normal at times and do something different to improve our knowledge and wisdom.
POSITIVE CHANGE: It helps to deviate from the normal at times and do something different to improve our knowledge and wisdom.

During an examination, a medico was asked to identify a femur that he recognised as a human thigh bone. “How many of them do you have?” was the next question. The student replied, “Two”. The examiner passed him and failed another two female students, who said “Three” and “Four” respectively. Both the students preferred an appeal and won, after explaining their reasons. What may be their reasons?”

This was one of the questions asked in an interview to test the spontaneity and capacity to think beyond normal reasoning.

Beyond being normal

‘Normal’ is the set of conditions to which we are accustomed and restricted our capacities. What is normal in our life? For many it is routine, for some people pain and stress and for some others happiness.

We are the originators of our experiences. In most cases, things are happening the way they are, because we set it up that way.

Many people normally defend their powerlessness rather than fight against it. “I am an average student,” says a boy. Unless he is genetically or mentally deficient, the reasons may be anything, such as… his basic foundation in previous classes may not be strong, his food and sleep habits are not disciplined or his present interests are different.

“Every decision you make stems from what you think you are” said Goethe.

When Marconi tried to transmit a radio signal from England to Canada people ridiculed as how voice could travel. When Wright brothers tried to fly, even scientists said that it was beyond basic logic, as a heavier machine than air could never ‘float’ in air. But these explorers defied the conventional thinking and changed the history of the mankind.

Unearth your hidden capacities. Read at least one hour from day one and you would be surprised to see the result. In a motivational class, when asked to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity, an engineering student said that it was in his earlier class syllabus. Education means not studying for present examination, but building wisdom on previous foundations. “Knowledge is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school” said Albert Einstein himself. Students should remember that in interviews, they normally ask simple fundamental questions to test the basic knowledge.

Answers to the question above: The girl who said “three” included the bone in her hand. The other girl who said “four” was pregnant.




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