Online classes using broadband connectivity

Students in semi-urban and rural parts of the State can now compete with their counterparts in the urban areas. Comat Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd., in collaboration with Vishwa Bharti Institute, has announced a programme that will provide online coaching for tackling the Common Entrance Test (CET) to students from rural areas. The purpose is to prepare them for CET and enable them to face the competition effectively. The initiative will be launched on January 21.

The training will be through Comat Technologies’ “Nemmadi” tele-centres and district offices, which are equipped with VSAT connectivity. Comat Technologies, along with the Government of Karnataka, had taken up the citizen-centric project and set up over 800 tele-centres across the State. Vishwa Bharti Institute has been providing coaching in Bangalore.

Vishwa Bharati’s trainers will come to Comat’s studio in Bangalore and the training programme will be telecast live through satellite using broadband connectivity across the “Nemmadi” centres and district offices.

These centres are internet-enabled front-end delivery systems, which will facilitate effective provision of and easy access to public and private services. The technology allows for two-way interaction between the trainer and students. Students will also be given latest study materials in physics, chemistry and mathematics.


R. Sriram, General Manager, Comat Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd., said that through this medium, 750 rural and semi-urban locations will have access to quality education.

“The classes will be conducted in batches. The major advantage is that the students will not have to migrate to big cities and incur heavy expenditure. They get the benefit of coaching closer to their home.”

“We are providing a strong platform to rural students to compete with their urban counterparts in CET. We believe that with the right kind of inputs, rural students will be able to perform better in the CET.”

Ravi Rangan, founder-Chief Executive Officer, Comat Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd., said, “We are committed to transform rural India through technology and education. We will provide opportunities for rural India that will make the country’s growth story an inclusive one.”

Dhananjay Prabhu, Director, Vishwa Bharati Institute, said that the institute’s 47 years of coaching experience and 23 years of CET training had enabled it to perfect methodologies that produce good results.

Comat Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is expecting to enrol around 1,500 to 2,000 students all over Karnataka.

To create awareness among students about the programme, the company is taking the help of self-help groups and local student bodies. The course will comprise 120 hours of online interactive training, practice tests, assignments and study material.

The last date for registration is January 15. For more details, call (080) 26540610, 94498 69311, 94498 69312, 94498 69313, 94498 69314.