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Maneesh Athapu
Maneesh Athapu

Right from the early days of my high school, I was always attracted towards the computers especially for their gaming applications.

Having entered the computer world with an interest in gaming applications, slowly I understood that the computers are not just meant for gaming but that Computer Science can tackle any problem irrespective of its nature, be it physics, chemistry, or rocket science. The result was that I decided to apply to graduate schools in USA.

Keeping in mind the cost of education, living and of course with no compromise in quality of education, I applied for six schools and got admissions in five. When I had to choose one of those to pursue my master's, with no hesitation and without any second thought I opted for the Oklahoma State University (OSU).

I chose OSU because of the ample research that was going on in the field of network security in the Computer Science Department. The OSU also drew my attention because of the place, cost of living which was very low, the on-campus jobs, financial assistance and the ample research facilities. Oklahoma, located in the south central region in America, is not known to many students in the world. The place is simple, with pleasant weather, occasional snow during winters, though the summer temperatures go a little high. Overall I would say this is the next best place for a person who is used to the Indian climate.

Oklahoma State University located in Stillwater, north of Oklahoma, is a highly interesting place with lots of student associations on campus. There is always some event going on, leaving a great chance to learn from various cultures around the world. Stillwater, a small university town is the perfect place of dwelling for any student. There are a few Indian grocery stores and Indian restaurants which help the Indian student community satisfy its daily needs.

As it is a small town, the student has a facility to live on or off campus. The on-campus housing is cheaper and has access to some additional resources like the family resource centres, laundries, party halls, etc. The off-campus housing which has equally lower rental costs will give a student another choice to stay nearer to the shopping complexes and also in a close vicinity to the campus. Stillwater is a secured place because it is just a university town and most of the people living in the city are OSU students.

The university's dining services on campus not only provides delicious food but also is the source of many campus jobs for the students. Every student who comes to OSU is assured of a part-time job on campus. Either at the dining services, or the library, or the labs, one can easily find a part-time job. The OSU established in 1890 was originally known as Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (Oklahoma A & M) and it still provides top-notch research facility in the mechanical and agriculture fields.

The economy of the State is based in the sectors of aviation, energy, transportation equipment, food processing, electronics, and telecommunications. Oklahoma is an important producer of natural gas, aircraft, and food. The State ranks second in the nation for production of natural gas, and thus houses many industries providing ample career opportunities to the students to find full-time jobs.

The Computer Science Department at OSU is a place of research that spans into various interests like network security, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, quantum computing, social networks, sensor networks, distributed networks, bioinformatics, etc.


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