A celebration beyond barriers

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Thrissur Pooram celebrations, which bring together Hindus, Christians and Muslims, are a rare example of communal amity.

The festival embraces lofty social ideals of unity, understanding and brotherhood.

Each community helps the other to ensure the success of the Pooram. The CMS High School, located west of the Swaraj Round and owned by the North Kerala Diocese of CST Church, is the hub of the activities of the Thiruvambady Devaswom. The Devaswom's ‘Aana Chamaya Pradarsanam' (exhibition of elephant accoutrements) is also conducted here.

The Thrissur Archdiocese shows keen interest in the festival. An ornamental umbrella gifted in 2006 by the Paramekkavu Devaswom to the Archdiocese's Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute was installed on May 8 at the altar of a chapel in the institute as part of Pooram celebations. Church bells rang when the umbrella was put up.

Offer of umbrellas

A few churches offer decorative umbrellas to be displayed at Kudamattom. For long, Christian artisans have been involved in crafting and repairing elephant accoutrements and decorative umbrellas. Plakkal Kuthokkaran Jose and his brothers have been in charge of gold plating for caparisons owned by the Thiruvambadi Devaswom. Earlier, artisans such as Chelappadan Antony, Vadakkethala Kochappu, Kattuman and Thoma Kuri did the job. Paramekkavu Devaswom entrusts Olarikkara George with the task. In the past 37 years, a few Muslim artisans have been building decorative pandals.

Contractors such as Ummer Patappu and Maliyekkal Mohammed have been involved in construction of pandals.

A Muslim florist offers flowers free for decorations.

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