Stringent deadlines, hectic schedules and official meetings are all part and parcel of the daily life of Lakshmisudha.

This is no surprise as she holds a senior post in a multinational company in Ascendas IT Park. But what sets her apart is that she is a Tamil novelist and poet.

Quiz her about her creative urge and she says: “From my childhood, I liked to read a lot. The local library was my favourite place during the weekends. Priorities keep changing in life. During school and college life, I focussed more on studies.”

A school topper in Maths, Physics and Chemistry in the Plus Two exams, this resident of Adyar did her B.E in Computer Science and settled for a career in the I.T. industry.

“At some point in life, I felt a void. I had this urge to do something new, which will keep be charged and also help others. This was when I thought I will try writing a novel. That is how my first novel “Solai Malarozhiye” came up. I was thrilled to see my writing in print. The feedback was very good and that encouraged me to write more.”

Lakshmisudha has written 19 novels so far and is currently in the midst of finishing her 20 th novel, “Mounam Un Mozhiya?

Amidst her work and family responsibilities, how does she find time to write?

“I write during the weekends and my 4-year-old daughter sits next to me and scribbles in her scrap book. Personally, I think writing is a good stress buster. I strongly feel that if you have a passion to perform something, just do it. Follow your inner voice, which is very powerful and helps to make right decisions at the right time.”

Her inspiration

Lakshmisudha says she draws inspiration for her novels from just about anything that happens around the world. “Any news that is of exceptional category gets registered in my mind and is reserved for my novel. During the last World Cup football, octopus Paul was used for predicting the winner of the football matches. I liked this news as it indicated that people, irrespective of country, religion etc believe in some sentiment. In my novel, “Nee En Vasantha Kalam” the heroine Mahathi talks about this octopus and similar instances.

“There was a lone lady survivor in a plane crash in 2010 and that inspired me to write “Katrinilay Varum Thendral”. In the novel “Kanavil Midantha Kavithai”, the hero's hobby is bird watching. One of my friends, who is an avid bird watcher, helped me to get a book on birds, which I used as a reference for this novel. My friends share their travel experience with me, which also helps to bring interesting instances in the novels.”

Spruced up with poems

Summing up, she says: “All my novels will have poems in the beginning of every chapter as I like poems. My novels are also romantic, targeting readers who prefer light reading. But I ensure there are messages promoting vegetarian food, Going Green, water /power conservation, obeying traffic rules, helping the needy and many concepts related to Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Some of her novels are available online at www Lakshmisudha is planning to provide free classes and tips to budding writers at her home.

The novelist can be reached at 98410 06452 and

Saraswathy Srinivasan


Despite her hectic life as a senior executive in an IT company, Lakshmisudha has written 19 novels.