Win or Win (WOW) consulting organised a workshop on emotional intelligence – ‘Know Thyself Better', recently.

The focus of the seminar, which was conducted at Asha Nivas, Nungambakkam, was to get answers for several questions, including How do we know a person beyond their resume? How do we understand, engage and connect to the emotive side of a personality? How do we build successful partnerships and relationships?

T. Dilli Babu, a member of WOW, said the fast pace of life and increasing pressure to succeed were often cited as reasons for increasing stress and emotional imbalance. Such imbalances can have disastrous consequences not just on one's professional life but also personally. Research indicates that along with developing skills and competencies at work, successful careers are built on sound understanding and management of one's emotions as well as being sensitive to colleagues. With this objective WOW, organised this workshop, he added.

This workshop opened up the concept of emotional intelligence with a series of amazing life stories about successful people and their handling of emotional issues. Providing valuable insights into handling difficult situations in life, he offered a number of strategies to know and connect to people by knowing the emotional side of their personalities. The participants found the workshop valuable and felt confident that they would be able to handle people and situations a lot better and with greater sensitivity. Explaining the importance of a workshop , Meghanadan, Learning and Development Officer, Win or Win Consulting, said that success was a certainty for an intelligent and balanced mind, and our task was to create opportunities for aspiring people to succeed.

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