K. Manikandan

In a rare occasion, an all-women yagnam was performed at the famous '18 siddhar temple' in Madambakkam near Tambaram last month. The temple, called the 18 Siddhar Sakthi Peedam, is also the 'Sakthi Peeta Brindavanam of Sathguru Seshadri Swamigal. In January, an all women-yagnam was performed during the Maha Aaradha celebrations of Seshadri Swamigal. The unique features of the Brindavanam, consecrated in 2004, include Shiva Shakthi Sri Chakra Maha Meru, the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Guruvayurappan, modelled on the famous temple in Guruvayur and shrines for each of the 18 siddhars.

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