An array of purse-friendly goods providesa sideshow for devotees during Panguni Thiruvizha. LALITHASAI andDEEPA H. RAMAKRISHNANvisit two iconic templesand compare their purchase lists

Devotees thronged the Marundeeswarar Temple for its annual car festival, making for a spectacular sight. Equally striking was the array of products on sale during the entire length of the Panguni Thiruvizha.

Banking on the huge crowds, numerous vendors had parked their wares, wangling whatever little space they could find.

Palm leaf fans, toys, bangles and stands and plastic kolam design were among a caboodle of interesting items that drew visitors. And, of course, fortune tellers were found in large numbers. And they appeared to be having a busy day.

The scene was no different at Mylapore, which witnessed the Brahmotsavam festival at Kapaleeswarar Temple. On all days, vendors coming from far and near had parked their goods on the pavements of R.K. Mutt Road and North and South Mada streets.

Roadside shops offered a variety of products, including ceramics, toys, earthenware, whistles, bangles, cutlery and bamboo baskets.

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