Fruit vendors carrying on their trade from the pavements near YMCA junction, Secunderabad, are acting as a catalyst to frequent traffic snarls and slow movement of traffic that is witnessed on the stretch between YMCA junction and Jubilee Bus Station. Scores of motorists are seen stopping by on this busy road to buy fruits and vegetables sold at the place, thus hampering flow of traffic at the place.

“Parked motors cars and two wheelers temporarily reduce the width of the road, slowing down the movement of traffic. The traffic policemen stand a few yards away from the place but they hardly bother to clear the road even after noticing them,” says V. Ramesh, a regular on the stretch.

The road happens to be a key route that connects Alwal and Tirumulgerry with the other areas of Secunderabad. Road users feel that an introspection of the problem and certain steps by the authorities will reduce their misery.