Tarnaka is a well-developed locality and it is a disgrace that there is no post-office facility to cater to the needs of the residents. Also, the population of Tarnaka including that of Kimtee garden is too high to be deprived of the necessity of a post-office.

The residents of this area are left with the only option of using the post-office situated in the HUDA complex which is located far away on the other side of Tarnaka flyover. The residents of Tarnaka are forced to walk down or travel for some distance and cross two wide roads on either sides of the flyover road to reach the HUDA post-office. At times, it becomes a herculean task to cross the roads with incessant flow of traffic.

B.H. Indu Shekar,


Metro authorities' apathy to heritage

The proposed elevated Metro rail line going in front of the High Court building is an insult to the architectural heritage of our city.

The same callousness has been displayed by them when planning routes in front the Assembly, Mozzam Jahi Market, Secunderabad clock tower, Sultan Bazaar etc, permanently defacing the 400 year heritage of our city with an ungainly concrete mega structure. Several representations to them over the past 3 years have fallen on deaf ears. If the Metro Rail authorities have realigned the route due to religious sentiments, why can't they do the same to save our heritage? Now it is up to the Honourable Judges of the High Court to take action so that the beautiful city is not scarred forever.

G. Shankar Narayan,

Subash Nagar

Lack of amenities at Yadagirigutta

I had been to Yadgirigutta on the 6th of November and I would like to bring to inform about the prevailing unhygienic conditions at the pilgrimage centre.

The place near the Rs.25/- queue for darshan leading to the main entrance is unhygienic. The place appears a garbage bin as trash is strewn all over, and the toilet door of the men's restroom is removed. Secondly the monkey menace at the prasadam counters and the temple square is also troubling pilgrims. There are ferocious monkeys waiting to pounce upon devotees carrying food and prasadam.

Kamal. M.S,


Lopsided attitude of MMTS ticket checkers

Travelling in MMTS first class of late has become a difficult task for commuters, especially during evening hours.

Recently, I boarded the Lingampally-Falaknuma MMTS at Hi-tech city railway around 6.20 p.m. After a few stops, at Fateh Nagar, the train stopped for a while and all the general public got into the first class. In the same first class coach, two checking inspectors were sitting and chatting with each other. I approached them and conveyed them about the violation of general public boarding the first class coach. In a funny way, the inspectors responded by saying “Our duty is over and we will not instruct them.

Senior officers are travelling in the same train and they will take the decision about what to do. They travelled up to Secunderabad and got-off. Then, what for are this inspectors paid?

Nagarajamani M.V.,


Vehicle registration goes awry

I have registered for a Activa Honda scooter vide application number AP013/57140/2010/R on 9th August 2010. But, till now, I have not received the Registration Certificate. The staff in the Tolichowki RTA Office (West Zone) do not clearly explain the status, whether the RC was posted or has not been printed. I have been making endless visits to the office where the staff are making me go from desk to desk without any solution. The RTA website is also not responsive. Despite typing all the details, the status of the documents is not known.

Sayyada Nisar Fathima,

Banjari Darwaza, Golconda Fort

Closure of U-turn causing inconvenience

The closure of U-turn facility for vehicles and pedestrians near Care Hospital on Banjara Hills road no. 1 is causing lot of inconvenience to motorists. They have to drive another one more kilometre to take a U-turn.

Till now, vehicles and pedestrians used to access the other side of the road near Care Hospital and Sakshi newspaper office by taking a turn near Hanuman temple.

This gap is now closed since few months with dividers. As a result, vehicles now have to travel for a longer distance to take a turn to reach the other side of the road. It is resulting in needless wastage of precious petrol, diesel and gas for motorists and burden of extra charge for auto commuters. By posting a traffic cop, smooth flow of traffic near the U-turn can be ensured, instead of altogether closing the existing passageway and troubling commuters and vehicle drivers.

Pisipati Sriram,

Banjara Hills