Over the past few weeks, The Hindu ’s Clean Chennai drive has prompted residents to get started on eco-friendly practices. During the campaign, APOORVA SRIPATHI and SUSANNA LAZARUS meet four women who have already adopted them

Meet Adyar resident Radhika Rammohan, who has been composting and conscientiously following source segregation of waste for around 15 years, even before she moved to Chennai.

But the more important practice she has tried to implement is reducing the amount of stuff that enters the house. And how does she do this? “I take containers and my own bags when I go grocery shopping. Very rarely do I buy anything with too much packaging. I prefer products that come in plain plastic covers over those that come in printed covers. These are easier to reuse and recycle,” says Radhika.

The most unique thing about her recycling is the way she discards plastic and milk covers, aluminium, cardboard and wood waste. These are collected separately and washed and cleaned and each month, are given directly to a rag-picker.

Radhika explains, “They do a great service to the society, and with no appreciation.

I just want to save them the task of digging through rubbish. They deserve the money they can get from selling it to the raddiwallah.”

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