Buds and Blossoms aims at making children intellectually, physically and socially excellent. Student capabilities are developed in the academic through individual learning support. Learning process has been re-defined using technology aided learning. Physical programme, music therapy, personality development, communication skills, Young Scholar Club, three languages system, library, versatile competency are the various activities available.

The school maintains student -teacher ratio of 20 : 1 up to Class V. Worksheet and grading system are followed in students academic evaluation. Admission is open for Play Group ( 14 months to two years ), Play School ( Two and half years and above), Kindergarten and Primary (Class I to V ). The School operates from two locations - No.90, North Park Street, Venkatapuram, Ambattur OT and No.18,Mounasamy Madam Street, Venkatapuram, Ambattur OT.