Interestingly, in the month of June two eclipses will take place. One is partial eclipse of the Sun, which will not be visible in India and the other is total eclipse of the Moon, which will be visible in India. On July 1 another partial eclipse will occur. “With this, totally three eclipses will occur within a span of 30 days,” says P. Iyamperumal, Executive Director, B. M. Birla Planaterium, Chennai.

Partial solar eclipse

According to him, the partial Eclipse of the Sun (the disk of the Sun will be partially obscured by the disk of the Moon) will occur on June 2. It will be visible in most parts of eastern Asia, Alaska, northern Canada, and Greenland. But it will not be visible in India. Partial Phase will begin at 00:55 hrs (IST) (on June 2) and end at 4:37 hrs (IST).

Lunar eclipse

The total eclipse of the Moon which will take place on June 15 and in the early hours of June 16. It will be visible throughout most of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia and India.

Explains the director, “On night of June 15, the Moon will enter the darker shadow of the Earth at: 23:53 hrs (IST).Then it will enter the totality phase at:00:52 hrs (IST) on 16th June.

Totality ends at:02:33 hrs (IST). Moon will leave the darker shadow at : 03:33 hrs (IST)”.

When the Moon moves in the shadow of the Earth, it is known as the eclipse of the Moon or lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses occur only on full-moon days, when the Moon comes diametrically opposite to the position of the Sun, as viewed from the Earth.

Arrangements will be made for the public to witness the lunar eclipse on night of June 15 and during the early hours of June 16 at the Birla Planetarium.

Incidentally, on July 1, another partial eclipse of the Sun will occur which will not be visible in India. With this, totally three eclipses will occur within a span of 30 days.

"Three eclipses occurring successively every 15 days is a normal astronomical phenomenon and this will not create any natural calamity," asserts Mr. Iyamperumal.

Earlier, in the year 2009 it occurred. Again, in the year 2013 we will witness another triple eclipse, concludes the director.