Two boys get residents thinking by writing down Tirukurral messages. LIFFY THOMAS reports

The next time you are in Gangaram Thottam Street, Kodambakkam, take a few minutes to stop and read what a blackboard by the side of the road has to say. Nailed on to the wall, it carries couplets from Thiruvallur’s Tirukurral.

For four years now, two school students — E. Revandh and D. Sudhakar — have been sincerely writing a new couplet everyday in Tamil with its meaning.

Impressed by Thiruvallur’s works and encouraged by volunteers of Nallorvattam, a citizens group working in the neighbourhood to keep the streets clean, the boys take turns to write a new couplet ( kural) . “I write for one month at a stretch and Revandh the next,” says Sudhakar, a class X student of Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School, T.Nagar.

Revandh is a class VIII student of Karnataka Sangha Higher Secondary School. Both reside in the same street, so coordination is easy.

The initiative has won the boys acclaim from residents.

“Some would praise us for explaining the couplet in a simple manner and others admire our handwriting,” say the boys.

The street has 150-200 families and has done away with dustbins in an attempt to keep the street clean.

K. Venkadesh, a resident of the street and a volunteer with Nallorvattam, commends the effort of the boys for writing the Tirukurrals continuously for four years.

“It is a thought for the day and it gets many of us thinking or has a lesson or two for us,” he says.

They have completed one round of the 1,330 couplets.