A technical snag in the locomotive delayed the Tirunelveli bound Nellai Express train by a couple of hours recently. The electric locomotive of Nellai Express, bound for Tirunelveli from Chennai Egmore, developed a snag all of a sudden while it was travelling between Tirusulam and Pallavaram railway stations on the evening of January 5.

Travelling on the main line, it came to a halt a few hundred metres ahead of the main line platforms of Pallavaram railway station. Alternative or spare electric locomotives were not available either at Tambaram, Chennai Egmore or even Chengalpattu.

Following this, the movement of the train was affected by a couple of hours.

However, the movement of subsequent long distance trains on the Tiruchirapalli-Madurai sector were not affected as they were diverted through a loop line ahead of Pallavaram.