Battlefields of talent are what most channels have started to turn into these days. In a way, the increasing number of talent hunt and game shows has transformed the way entertainment used to be dished out in early channel days when serials dominated the scenario.

Each of the channels has at least one such flagship show around which other programme seeks to get propped up.

Innovation also is indeed becoming more and more conspicuous in them as they have started to travel out and involving different setting.

Also, in some way producers apparently realised the growing fatigue of viewers towards shows that just pooled together few contestants against an unappealing backdrop and asking them to perform silly challenges.

More budget

Fact has been that more and more budget is getting pumped into such game and reality shows which helped them gain a different and appealing hue.

Maa TV already has ‘Gharshana-The Dance Battle' that comes with certain unique elements and celebrity participation added to its repertoire and now it has come out with yet another series of ‘Re la re re la', the show which easily makes its way to the list of most popular and successful shows on Telugu channels.

But talking of Maa TV, one wonders as to why the channel has not been working on strengthening itself on other fronts after registering such success with some of its content. Why its plans to go for a round-the-clock news channel have been shelved are yet to be understood while its focus on reality shows seems to be taking away the attention of planners from other segments.