The 23rd annual sports meet of Chitlapakkam Muthulakshmi Nagar Welfare Association was conducted recently at Muthulakshmi Nagar. The sports committee chairman, N. Danapalan, inaugurated the programme in the presence of V. Venkataraman, secretary, and V.L. Narasimhan, vice-president. The association president, L. Sundararaman, declared the sports meet open for pre-KG children. The events were conducted for the children of members of the association from pre-KG to college students.

A large number of members and their children participated in the various sports events. Many new events such as balloon pricking, treasure hunt, arrow throwing, scale and coins, straw and balls were introduced this year. R.M. Easwaran, assistant treasurer, and sports committee team conducted the events. V. Ramajeyam, vice-president, proposed a vote of thanks.