CARE Specialized Pain Management Centre, T. Nagar, is a division of Amrutanjan Healthcare Ltd, launched in April this year. Experts from different medical disciplines work in sync to identify the source of a patient's pain and provide an effective cure. Together, they treat varied kinds of pain - right from chronic headaches, joint pains, and migraines to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome and cancer related pains.

More centres

CARE will open centers in other parts of south India by the end of the year, and will go national soon after. Treatment modalities includes trigger point injections, nerve blocks, facet joint blocks, facet nerve blocks, epidural injection, epidurography and adhesioiysis, neurolytic nerve blocks, intravenous therapy and biofeed back.

Some of the therapies include relaxation therapy, exercise therapy, physical therapies, spinal cord stimulation, implanted drug delivery system, micro discectomy, vertebroplasty and ozone therapy. It is located at 37(16), Mylai Ranganathan Street, (behind Natesan Park), T. Nagar. Phone: 2435 4313.