The Wonder Years, a playschool for tiny tots, has recently started early learning concepts.

The playschool, which caters to kids from 10 months to five-year olds, provides three-day and five-day programme for toddlers.

Palak Chordia and Dipesh Jain, the duo behind the concept, through the programme will try to enhance the value of those precious early years with innovative and attractive ideas that foster a child's developing mind.

A blend of preschool and play stations, The Wonder Years gives learning and teaching a different approach so that the child always finds learning an enjoyable and engaging experience.

The school has air-conditioned classrooms and has 15-seat theatre, traffic park, indoor and outdoor play stations, splash pool, sand pit, computer lab, café and also classes for mothers. It has classes with mother and child programme, play group, nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G.

Regular workshops for parents are conducted to help them overcome anxiousness or queries regarding their child.

Parents have access to classes such as yoga, Pilates, music, etc., Field trips and special days celebrated in school will provide the child with a sense of responsibility and awareness.

The Wonder Years is at 74, Giri Road, Chennai-17. Ph: 3190 2727.