R. Keerthana

With the students of Class XII halfway through their exams, Downtown spoke to some of them to find their take on the question papers. While students of State Board felt that the exams were easy, students of CBSE felt complexity in a few papers.

Samhitha and Shruthi, Commerce Stream, PSBB Nungambakkam and K.K.Nagar respectively, felt that the English paper was lengthy. The grammar section consumed a lot of time, as the ‘error correction' exercise was little tricky, they said. Shruthi also found the Business Studies exam to be lengthy, but straightforward. “Questions are not set according to the duration. Some of my friends failed to attend up to 15 marks,” she said.

Shravan, PSBB, Nungambakkam, said that the debate over the question dealing with ‘Delhi Blast' in Functional English was unwarranted. He said that students had a choice on ‘Writing a complaint' and many attempted that.

Science stream

The science students said that though physics was easy, it seemed lengthy, as most of the questions were theory based.

“Problems were not asked much, and we had to keep writing in length,” they said. Anirudh, DAV, Gopalapuram, said that some questions were ambiguous, as some of the five mark questions required short answers and the students did not know how much to write. He said that many could not complete the paper. However, there is a general feeling that chemistry was easy.

Comparing the same subject with the State board syllabus, R. Anbuselvi of Avvai Home, Adyar, opined that State Board physics was tough. She said that she had to take extra time to finish 10-mark question.

But Sai Krupa of DAV, Gopalpuram, felt that the paper was lengthy but at the same time not tough.

“Pattern was followed properly. Only the 10-mark question consumed extra time. As a result, most of us did not have the time to revise the paper,” she added.

Shravan said that a question on Chemical Equilibrium in Chemistry exam was felt to be from Class XI portion. Students' familiarity of the concept was tested and they were expected to know, he said.

Students of State Board felt that the first four exams - Language I and II and English I and II were trouble-free. Akshara of Vana Vani School, said that students were able to finish the exams half-an-hour in advance. She said that French exam was easy as always.

Shyama of New Prince School, Adambakkam, felt the papers were standard, while Aishwarya, Ramasamy Mudaliar School, Ambattur, said that most of the questions were from the ‘expected' lot.

Prakash of Sita Devi Garodia, Tambaram, felt that the exams were easy and they had enough time to revise. Some of State Board students like Aishwarya felt that grammar questions in English were difficult for many.