For those photo enthusiasts a two-day workshop from August 25 to 26 is being organised in the city by Saravanakumar, a renowned photographer.

The weekend workshop would cover the fundamentals of shooting films with digital cameras along with modules on developing a script and editing these films. It will provide hands-on experience and access to high quality equipment. Mr. Saravanakumar said that New age digital cameras (DSLRs) had the ability to shoot incredible video footage which was taking the world of filmmaking by storm. In the past couple of years the technology had advanced so much that still-cameras were now being used to shoot even feature films. This had now put high quality filmmaking into the hands of aspiring filmmakers. The course would focus on understanding the nuances to get the best quality footage from the still cameras, which are not really designed for video shooting. Mr. Saravanakumar, who shoots documentaries for National Geographic and BBC, had recently won the best `Television Series Award' from the International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana, for shooting a series for National Geographic called `Secrets of Wild India’. He will also conduct a course on basic digital photography for beginners afrom September 1 to 2.

For details call 9444356606 or visit his webpage