The Abids road from St. Georges Grammar School junction to the Bata footwear stores junction presents a chaotic picture during afternoons and in the evenings. Thanks to the unorganised parking of four-wheelers on one side of the stretch, the road witnesses traffic jams regularly. Authorities had introduced a single lane four-wheeler paid parking on the stretch but it is proving to be inadequate considering the rush of visitors.

The place is unable to accommodate many four-wheelers and drivers are forced to add another parallel lane to the traffic flow. The extended irregular parking is proving beneficial to the parking fee collectors but on the other hand it is affecting the smooth flow of traffic. “The traffic flow is hindered by the extended parking. The road is an important route to reach the Chaderghat and Dilsukhnagar areas, frequent traffic snarls take a toll on the motorists. Authorities should take steps to accommodate the extra vehicles and some other place,” says Rakesh Agarwal, a businessman from Jagdeesh market area.

Many suggest that the stretch near Mahboobia Girls High School can serve as a parking lot as it is close to Abids market.