Pandora Entertainment has launched its first venture on ice skating, an indoor facility at Ampa Skywalk.

Special polymer materials have been specifically engineered for skating and unique lubricants have been used to work with the polymer.

“Modern production and assembly methods ensure that the seams between panels are smooth and do not vary with temperature. This provides a safer and more predictable skating surface. It is completely environment friendly,” say sources from Pandora Entertainment.

Apart from the rink, Pandora also offers - Magical Wall, a game zone. The store also gives some space for photo play, a touch screen interface. 

These machines have several games to choose from in categories such as card games, trivia, strategy, puzzle and sports games. It involves games which deal with skills, concentration and fun.

“We wanted to enter into the entertainment field with something exclusive and innovative. We did a lot of research and then came across the idea of ice skating. Ecological ice skating appealed to us. The facility does not require any power or water. It is made with non-toxic, recyclable and reusable material. To complement the rink, we are also bringing certain games which are again new here, ” says, Megha Agarwala, Director of Pandora, originally from the steel business background. She runs the business along with her brother Akash Agarwala.

Pandora Entertainment is located at Ampa Skywalk Mall, 2nd Floor, 1, Nelson Manickam Road, 627, Poonamallee High Road, Aminjikarai. For details call, 99629 02000 / 99629 03000.

T. Madhavan