Now, you can wear a blouse made of gold!

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Product made out of yellow metal: Gold turns into a blouse at the hands of Munira.
Product made out of yellow metal: Gold turns into a blouse at the hands of Munira.

Munira, a native of Gujarat and a Chennite for the past three decades, has come up with a grand and luxurious piece of fabric made of gold.

Munira is basically a dress designer who specialises in embroidery. Munira says that she chanced upon this raw material (24-carat golden thread) while working with different kinds of threads. “I visited the goldsmith nearby to get copper threads for my embroidery as I wanted to introduce novelty in my designs. The first object that caught my eye when I reached home was the cot used for my Aari work. Gazing at it the thought of weaving a fabric out of the copper thread tugged at my heart. Unable to resist the idea I went ahead and worked on it incessantly. My hard work bore fruit. The ambitious creator in me urged me to try out the same gold!

Unable to contain my excitement, I approached the goldsmith again and obtained a thin wire (10 g) of gold from him. Quickly I began working in it. It was not only easy but also gave a feel of elation while working on it. Slowly but steadily it turned into a glittering piece of fabric. What do you do with a fabric? Of course turn it into a garment. What else can it be but a blouse, which is one of the preferred garment of most of the Indian women. I decided to take the plunge and my efforts did not go in vain. With more threads of gold set on the Aari cot, the blouse was churned out after a month of hard work.”

Munira says that instead of spinning a metre and then cutting it out like a normal piece of cloth, she directly spun the exact measurement and thus the blouse gets ready at the same time the fabric is spun. “It is a direct way of spinning a garment rather than churning out a garment from a material,” she says.

She says that anything spun this way will be a masterpiece. Though it is time consuming, she feels that nothing can equal the joy of working on the precious material. “I never knew that I could turn out a dress with gold. Though I have created innumerable motifs with threads for decades, there is no match for this masterpiece.

Munira is confident of making more dresses but she says these customised pieces will take months for completion. Taking into account the cost and the nature of the garment, she takes up order one after the other. Just like an ordinary blouse, the golden one can also be embellished, not with just threads or colour stones but with Swaroski and diamonds, adds Munira. Can you now guess what will be the cost of this ethnic and unique piece? Depending on the size and taste of the customer, a blouse in the ‘yellow metal' can cost anywhere between Rs. 3 to 6 lakhs.

“I have already obtained an order from abroad to make under garments out of this new thread. Slowly when people see the glittery pieces, I am sure I will get orders for all kinds of dresses from our country,” says Munira confidently. Munira can be reached at 93641 53243.





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