Nothing can ‘handicap’ spirit of achievement

Shanthy Viswanath
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Sabari Srinivas
Sabari Srinivas

On a sunny Saturday afternoon when the young kids of the typical neighbourhood immerse themselves to the joyous spirit of playing cricket, oblivious to the fact of the existence of anything else around them, a little boy is busy browsing the pages of C++, trying to pay least attention to the commotion outside his window.

Sabari Srinivas is just like any other normal 12 year old kid with an infectious smile and razor sharp mind. But fate, as many would call it, played a cruel prank when he was born.

A mole on his spinal cord virtually would have crippled him for life. But fortunately, this disability was discovered by his grandmother when he was just two months old. From then on, little Sabari had to undergo a series of surgeries, ten of them to be precise to overcome his neuro and ortho related problems. These multiple surgeries restored the functioning of his hands except for his waist and legs. Though he manages to walk on his own and does his chores all by himself, his health do not allow him to play like most other children.

He overcomes his urge to play outside by constantly gazing at computer and ever scrutinising the cellphones and its applications. When one of his relatives had abandoned a cell phone, which fell inside a water tub accidentally, Sabari decoded the password and retrieved the required data narrated his proud father.

His dream is to join IIT and pursue a career in Computer Engineering followed by a higher degree at MIT – USA. When asked about his future plans and ambitions, he said, “I am not interested in money.

I want companies to give me projects, and I want computer experts to guide me in the required right direction. I am a BASIC & HTML Developer and have done a lot of projects using them. Currently I am learning C++. I am interested in Android Apps, windows, and linux software tools for small scale companies and currently developing software tools meant for educational and Health purpose.

I have also created some appliance .I have my own webpage I am in the process of starting my own company ‘says enthusiastic sabari.” He has sent a mail to Microsoft asking for their guidance in his quest to excellence. Sabari develops his wares using BASIC and HTML.

Apart from maintaining an excellent academic track record, Sabari is an all-rounder in extracurricular activities. He has stood first in the school in National cyber Olympiad level-1 and he has got distinction in the exam conducted by The University of South Wales- Educational Assessment – Australia, International assessment of Indian schools. He is currently creating an operating system with Linux KERNELS known as ‘Aeronomics’, which he says will be ready in two months.

Sabhari is a class 6 student studying in Bhakthavatsalam Vidhyashram. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, with a special emphasis on two of the co-ordinators Ms. Ranganayaki and Ms. Usha Rani, and his class mates for their support, Ms. Ramya said “In particular we can never forget the gesture of Ms. Margaret David George Head Mistress of the school, when she offered us a seat for our child.”

“When Sabari was ready for admission to lower KG, we applied to a leading school nearby which refused a seat citing reasons based on his health and disability reason. This shattered us completely. There were so many suggestions like educating him from home or to enrol him in a centre for children with special needs. We are bluntly told by the school that he cannot be taken in to the main stream” lamented his father.

“The pain of loss of the dream to put my child in a normal school was too much to digest, but the reality ended up being so much more than I could have imagined “says Ramya.

A divine intervention came from Ms. Margaret David offering Sabari admission into her institution. Pained by this fathers plight, one of his relatives met Ms. George during a rotary club meeting and voiced out concern about Sabari. “Within no seconds she took a decision and that changed our son’s life forever. Says grateful father.”

Today Sabari Srinivas is cynosure of all eyes and his proud parents in anticipation of their prodigal son’s future success gave me a smile that spoke a million words. What do we call him, a whiz kid, a child prodigy, or our own Bill Gates in the making? Whatever we choose to call him, for sure we need incarnations like this one and he needs all our support to realise his dreams and bring laurels to our country and to him.

His dream is to join IIT and pursue a career in Computer Engineering followed by a higher degree at MIT – USA




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