I had filed a RTI application at the ADE Patancheru office in July last year with regard to the domestic electric connection. Since I filed the application, I have visited the office at least four to five times to seek reply, but officials are just promising to give at a later date. However, it has been more than eight months but the authorities are not ready to part with the information. I had also approached the chairman and managing director for the same, but in vain.

I request to take necessary action immediately and give me the requested information immediately.

K. Hari,

BHEL, Ramachandrapuram

Rude behaviour of policemen

Everyday we come across incidents wherein policemen around Ramachandrapuram, BHEL and Lingampally harass petty vendors and abuse them for flimsy reasons. The police also abuse and threaten people for small mistakes. Recently I saw one such incident and wonder about the role and job of the police. It is time the senior officials of the police monitor the activities of the field staff.



Social media played an effective role

The social media like Twitter and Facebook really came handy at the time of Dilsukhnagar blast. After the phone lines were jammed people heavily depended on social media for conveying about their safety to their relatives, families and well-wishers. Hats off to the social media which came to rescue of people when other alternatives of communication failed.

Veena Kumari,


Foul smell from

overflowing drain

A drain near the Savera Function Hall at Chandulal Baradari always leaks leading to foul smell in the area. Though the staff come and clean it up, it works out to be only a temporary measure. The problem persists for the last three to four years but the authorities are least bothered about finding a permanent solution to the recurring problem.

M. Krishnamurthy,

Chandulal Baradari.

Begging menace

goes unchecked

Begging menace has assumed alarming proportions in the city with groups of beggars seen at every traffic intersection, railway and bus stations. At traffic signals no sooner does the vehicle stops they jump in front of the vehicles and not only create nuisance but also create hindrance in the free flow of traffic.

The worst scenario one can witness throughout the day is at Secunderabad station where even the passengers coming out with bag and baggage are not spared. When refused, they try to pull the bag and harass the passengers. Though this is a regular feature, surprisingly, policemen have so far only turned a blind eye.

As a result the beggars have started choosing different patterns of begging. Women in general are the soft targets and do not leave them unless they part with a few coins. As healthy men and women found shamelessly begging on roads is inexcusable it is time government takes firm action.

K.R. Srinivasan,