EuroKids, the preschool specialist and largest education service provider in the preschool segment, has introduced a new approach to pre-primary education with the launch of Curriculum Version 5.0.

It is the outcome of probably the largest and the most intensive research held across 20 cities and towns, Curriculum Version 5.0 places emphasis on integration and correlation of content matter, along with usage of technology for instruction that will contribute to the comprehensive overall development of a child.

Curriculum Version 5.0 was unveiled at a function on March 27, by Anita Madan, Head of Academics, Eurokids in Chennai.

Completing a decade of working with children in the age groups 1 to 6 years, Eurokids keeps its focus on providing children and parents with a strong foundation to early education – with a huge deal of fun, games, love and laughter.

In today's dynamic environment, there is an urgent need to move beyond academics and also focus on the finer aspects of a child's personality development.

The new curriculum is aimed at meeting these needs. In early 2010, EuroKids launched a research aimed at tracking and understanding the capabilities of young children and gauging increasing expectations of parents and teachers .

The research covered 120 EuroKids Pre-School owners, 200 pre-primary teachers, 18 academic coordinators, 6 Cerebrum core team members, existing and prospective parents and included observation of over 3000 students.

The new curriculum, based on the teaching-learning model and promoting creative self-directed learning, will be rolled out across all 780+ EuroKids Preschool centres in 280 towns and cities.

Since EuroKids caters to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well, the benefits of the Curriculum will reach the children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds across India.

Staff Reporter