A new building of the Jain Temple on Mint Street, Sowcarpet, was inaugurated on October 24 with the blessings of Jain Acharyas and Sadhus, who had walked 2,000 kms from North India to take part in this holy function.

The temple has an idol of Sri Parswanath, which is 41 inches high and made of green quartz.

About 7,500 devotees pray at this temple everyday.

The newly constructed building has mandaps (11,000 sq. ft.) and halls (4,500 sq. ft.) meant for religious seminars.

It also has 18 air conditioned rooms for visitors/pilgrims, apart from aparking space of 6000 sq.ft.

The temple has three gopurams that are 67 feet in height.

Sri Parswanath (the 23 {+r} {+d} Jain Tirthankar), the main deity, was built by the Shri Gujarati Swetamber Murtipujak Jain Sangh Trust.