Goranta Deepam on Zee Telugu has Telugu flavour, original and authentic. In the backdrop of complaints on increasing imported soaps, here comes a serial that promises to dish out fare that is laced with nativity and Telugu tradition.

‘Goranta Deepam’ the new serial that is set to start next week on Zee Telugu is about a young girl who is born in a family that has abundance of bonding, love and affection, but woefully short on finances. She aspires to pursue higher education and be able to extend support to the family.

But then, situations take a different turn and she is forced to get married. Her hopes are dashed and how she tackles situations that await her at the in-laws place forms the narrative of the serial. “The serial uniquely portrays the combination of traditional values and also the aspiration of the youth,” says the channel.

‘Goranta Deepam’ is produced by Vara Mullapudi and directed by V.V. Varanjaneyulu, who directed ‘Chinna Kodalu’. The daily serial starts on March 4 and is scheduled from Monday to Saturday at 7 p.m.

T. Lalith Singh

‘Goranta Deepam’ the new serial set to start on Zee Telugu