‘Nirangal’, a debut Tamil music album of Amrit Rao, a singer-songwriter-composer, was launched at the Four Frames Studio and Theater, Nungambakkam, on February 22.

Genres of music

‘Nirangal’ meaning colours, is an attempt to bind various genres of music and Tamil. The album comprising of eight tracks is inspired by people, love, life, nature, and social issues – Child labour, illiteracy and inequality.

Says, Amrit Rao, “Nirangal is a solo Tamil album. Three tracks in the album were recorded three years ago. Then, I formed ‘Live Banned’, a Bangalore-based band. After ‘Live Banned’ happened, I lost focus of the album. I resumed work on composing the remaining five tracks in August last.”

The songs of the album are written, sung and composed by Amrit Rao, music produced by Dheerendra Doss.

“The idea of this album was to compose music which is not confined to any particular demography, geography, culture, lifestyle or any class or section of the society. Each track in the album will be different from other tracks, and encompass different styles of music,” he added.

On social issues

The album focuses on social issues – child labour, illiteracy and inequality through songs like ‘Accham Illai’ and ‘Endhan Karangal’ to develop a social responsibility and create awareness.

“I wanted to write about social issues which affects the society. ‘Endhan Karangal’ focuses on differently-abled people. A differently-abled person expresses his views through the song pressing for equality for his fellow-citizens,” he pointed out.

The eight tracks in the album showcases various genres such as ballads (Manjal Veyil) electro-folk (Singaari), house-electro-pop-techno (Sappa Matter Da), kutthu-dub-step (Jimmy), symphonic-industrial-rock-metal (Vandhaan), 80’s acoustic (Dahalia), progressive rock (Endhan Karangal) and electronica (Accham Illai).

The album features guitarists Sridhar Varadarajan, Siddhart Kamath, Dhruv Kumar and Srikanth Muthya, flautist Sandeep Vasishta on wood wind instruments and Ritu Gopal on violin.

“The music video of the track ‘Sappa Matter Da’ has received rave reviews for its lyrics, sound, choreography and picturisation. The song focuses on the materialistic and monotonous world we live in. It takes a dig at consumerism and materialism in a funny way with references to socio-economic conditions.

Another track in the album ‘Jimmy’, is written from a dog perspective focusing on pet adoption,” Mr. Rao said.

I am planning to release more albums in the future. The albums will focus on different genres of music.

The songs in the album (Nirangal) indicate my feelings at the time of writing the songs. I want to experiment with various genres of western music styles, and explore various genes like progressive rock from The United Kingdom, he pointed out.

Music director Dheerendra Doss also spoke on the occasion. The album was released by Amrit’s parents S. Rajesh and Neetha Rajesh, received by D. Rajasekhar, General Manager, Universal Music Group.