Mobiles go slick

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Get savvy:Expensive 3G phones are in.– PTI Photo
Get savvy:Expensive 3G phones are in.– PTI Photo

Cell phones have become a fashion statement today and possessing an expensive slick phone is increasingly seen as something that adds to one's persona. Time and again new trends have been coming up in the cell phone industry, the recent ones being Blackberry Messenger (BBM), video calling and Internet on phone, all made easy with 3G.

BBM is a rage among youngsters where they can send free SMSes, images and videos. Kanika, a college student sums it up. “I own a Blackberry and it is so much fun and easy to be in touch through my BBM. Whenever I am in a boring class I just have to switch on my BBM and I am transported to another world.”

Earlier people used phones only for speaking and texting. Now its all about Internet access and networking. And the good news is that smart phones are getting cheaper by the day. Networking has come to mean leaving status messages on Facebook and Twitter.People were dreaming of video calling for decades and 3G made it a reality. It is trouble-free and user-friendly for people to talk to anyone through this facility. Distances don't matter these days. Be it international video calling or national, anything is possible. The 3G facility also allows you to use your mobile as a navigation tool and it even transfers data at a faster speed. Gone are the days when people needed computers and laptops for browsing the web. Internet on phone is the current trend. It's cheap, fast and convenient. Internet on phone can cost you as less as Rs. 100 per month. Be it browsing, downloading, watching movies and TV, everything is just a click away.





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