McDonald's, a leading food service retailer, launched its new range of McSpicy products. The four new McSpicy products are McSpicy Chicken Burger, McSpicy Paneer Burger, Big Spicy Chicken Wrap & Big Spicy Paneer Wrap. The McSpicy Paneer Burger presents vegetarian customers an exciting new protein option – Paneer while the McSpicy Chicken Burger features a luscious piece of ‘whole-muscle chicken' – featuring for the first time on the McDonald's India menu, and offers customers a delicious meaty meal.

Extending the McSpicy range to include Indian innovations, McDonald's has launched the Big Spicy Chicken Wrap and the Big Spicy Paneer Wrap. The Big Spicy Wraps are grilled to perfection, filled with crispy fresh lettuce, sauces and a choice of whole-muscle chicken or paneer. The McSpicy burgers are offered for Rs.89 (Rs 149 with Combo meal) and a bite of the Big Spicy wraps costs Rs.119 (Rs 179 with Combo meal), said a press release.