Mylapore Manavalakalai Mandram is organising a Manavalakalai Yoga Camp for the students of Mylapore. They will be trained in simplified Kundalini Yoga Meditation, exercises and the Kaya Kalpa Yoga technique, evolved by Vethathiri Maharishi and taught only at Manavalakalai Mandrams.

For the current academic year, the first such camp was conducted at Montfort Academy Matriculation School, Mylapore, from June 20-24for students of Classes VII to X. During the valediction, Bro. S. David, Prinicipal and Correspondent of the School, emphasised the need for yoga for the all round development of the students.

More than 450 students participated in the programme. The Trust will be conducting similar camps at various schools in and around Mylapore. The Trust also offers Diploma / U.G. / P.G. courses in Manavalakalai, in association with the Madras University.

Schools/interested students can contact the Trust at No.233, Kutchery Road, Luz, Mylapore, For details, contact Mohandoss, Trustee, ph: 99625 42859.