Inadequate garbage bins, non-functional streetlights and a road filled with potholes sums up the problems faced by the residents of M.N. Reddy Colony situated at Champapet.

The rain water gets stagnated at the main road during the rains as the road surface happens to be uneven and possesses potholes and a few trenches.

“A lot of water stagnates and poses problem for road users. Motorists who speed through the road splash water on other road users.

During heavy rainfall, the water stagnates for hours and one has to wade through it,” says S. Prasad, a local vendor.

The least said about the garbage scenario the better, the garbage bins placed in the colony brim with garbage and the situation gets worse on Sundays and holidays.

The streetlights installed in the lanes and bylanes of the area glow once in a blue moon . Stray-dogs menace is yet another problem the residents face .