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smart learning:Students glancing through lessons on tablets.
smart learning:Students glancing through lessons on tablets.


Abhinav, student of class V is glued to the TV the moment he comes back from school. He is often pulled up by his mother for this habit. “Mom let me watch for a few minutes,” he pleads.

The mother concedes only to find him playing games on the PC after half an hour. Abhinav is not happy with just these. He loves to handle any gadget. A worried mom ponders over how to draw her child, who is a gadget freak, back to studies. “He refuses to sit for a traditional tutoring nor can he handle an online one without guidance, ”she broods.


iScore Tuition Academy (iTA) is ready to help mothers like her. What is iScore? “It is an innovation in traditional tutoring with the help of a tablet. It is a combination of a regular coaching centre, online tutoring and thereby offers a smart learning experience.

The system addresses all types of learners _ Kinesthetics (those who learn by feeling or experiencing); Audiory (those who learn by hearing); Visual (those who learn by seeing). ,” says Mr. Hariharan, CEO, iTA, a division of Hicommands Tech India.

“In traditional learning, the teacher teaches and learning is the expected outcome. But in iScore, they turn learning into an experience and clear conceptual confusion. With the help of technology, we easily bridge the gap between the teacher and the taught,” said the CEO.

In a wi-fi enabled classroom, children are given access to a huge database or e-content material (with relevant voice over, animations and various activities for all learning objective in the lessons) right from class 3 to 10 covering Samacheer and CBSE syllabus. Personalised assistance is given to all students by expert teachers.

Elaborating on the mode of teaching Mr. Hariharan says, when a student enrols into this class, before beginning a topic in any given subject, he is asked to take up a test (pre-assessment), on a tablet. Depending on the level of his understanding he is given a one-one coaching later and then an on-line tutoring by subject experts if needed. Lessons are handled this way and the syllabus is completed with better understanding.

Every session is a logical blend of e-content assisted learning, normal text book based reading and a quick test to ensure the performance of every student.

For class X, once children complete their class IX in March they are enrolled in to a fast track course. Depending on the intellectual level the syllabus is completed in a span of 3-4 months.

The course also comprises periodical tests at the end of each lesson. Once the school begins they maintain a balance between the pace of the school and individual learning. The coaching is further strengthened with tests and exams conducted in sync with the blue print.

Innovative activities scheduled for every lesson help students with team interaction, presentation, conceptual clarity and thus authority in those learning modules with variety of input on various problem solving exercises to reinforce their learning. Every lesson taught here is accessible for one week online to engage even beyond the tutoring session.

The academy also ensures accountability. Parents are sent reports everyday about what their wards progress.

“The entire exercise is to leverage technology, still retaining personalised delivery in a conventional tutoring model,” said Mr. Hariharan.

iScore Tuition Academy is a division of Hicommands Tech India Ltd. Its centres are located at Vadapalani, T. Nagar, Kilpauk and Perambur. Those who want to enrol can call 96264 71724; 98402 23811.

The academy

offers a good combination of regular coaching and online tutoring




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