It is reported that 300 persons donated blood for the injured victims in the hospital. How many visiting VIPs were among them? If a list is given to the public, they will remember them while exercising their franchise during next elections.

Chirutapudi Subramaniam


VIP’s visiting the blast sites has both advantages and disadvantages. First, it is very important to analyse why a particular place was targeted, what are the problems in investigation etc. On the other hand, these visits can affect the investigation and at times.

Dinesh Dinni

Political leaders along with scores of followers made the work of the police difficult, when they were striving their best to find out clues, which will ultimately help to nab the culprits.

N. Venkateswarlu,

GaddiannaramAfter the explosions the city is gripped by panic. At such a time, the Ministers, MPs and MLAs need not have visited the blast site as it only adds to huge traffic jams.

Salva Anjum,


After visiting the victims, leaders usually indulge in blaming other political parties and trivialise the issue. It is better for them to avoid such visits instead of creating security and traffic problems for the common man.

Tejaswini. P,