The CBSE results left many students and their parents worried in Hyderabad. Students complained that Maths questions paper was very tough and many informed that they got 5 to 20 marks out of 100 marks. There is definitely some problem in valuation or the question paper was very tough.

A CBSE official said there was no procedure called ‘revaluation' but there was a re-checking procedure. But this would only involve the totalling of the marks that had been assigned by the original evaluator. The system has to change and students should be given chance for revaluation in front of their parents.


Metal roads

The R&B Department has, of late, undertaken renovation of some roads in the twin cities. This is a preposterous exercise on the part of the authorities, as re-laying of roads with metal and tar (black topping) especially at a time ahead of the onset of monsoon is a futile exercise as the metal and tar are likely to be washed away during the monsoon due to tenderness of the material used for renovation.

It would be an appropriate move, if re-laying of roads using metal and black-topping is done during the winter, as the problem of material used for reconstruction of roads being washed away does not arise.

Bh. Indu Sekhar,


Prevent hawkers

Though there have been many complaints over the years from all walks of life about the difficulties being experienced by commuters in twin cities. RTC, GHMC and traffic police are least bothered to mitigate them. While RTC authorities can force the drivers to pass via the bays and stop the bus near the shelters, GHMC should take up measures to prevent hawkers from blocking the entry/exit area of the bus shelters.

K. Bhaskara Rao,

Nizampet Crossroads

Bins for e-waste

The time has come for the GHMC to provide separate waste bins at prominent locations in the city, so that e-waste such as dry cells, printer cartridges, printer tapes and cassette tapes can be deposited. Since these at present get mixed up with the general garbage, the landfills could get contaminated in the long run polluting soil and groundwater. The earlier the GHMC installs separate bins for e-waste the better.

Nagarajamani M.V.,


Sulabh Complex for women

The so called Sulabh Complex in certain areas of the city are serving very little. Despite, charging for maintenance and upkeep, they are mostly used by road side scavengers and beggars. Cleanliness is the key to the public using it. Women are the worst sufferers. There should be a separate Sulabh Complex for women and managed by women.

V. Vishwanath,

Srinagar Colony

Parking woes

As haphazard parking of vehicles on either side of busy thoroughfares in the city has been blocking free flow of traffic. Road widening is neither able to relieve the congestion nor serve its intended purpose. Despite law-enforcing authorities issuing orders and notices to commercial establishments, hotels and restaurants to make arrangements for parking of their customers' vehicles, one witnesses scores of vehicle owners lining up their vehicles in front of these business houses unmindful of causing hindrance in free movement of vehicular traffic.


New Bhoiguda

Reckless drivers

The Srinagar colony stretch is now being used by the traffic flowing from Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills towards Yousufguda. The heavy traffic and reckless drivers are further causing inconvenience to the children and pedestrians. Due to the absence of speed breakers and height gauge, trucks and buses speed on this stretch. Many chain snatchers on bikes too frequent this stretch.


Srinagar Colony

During agitations for Telangana, police had set up barbed wire rolls and concerted wires and blockades. Unfortunately even after a lull they have been left as they are at several places like the University Road etc causing much inconvenience to the citizens. The other day a woman's sari was caught in it and she was put to lot of inconvenience as traffic zoomed past her. This can also be risky for others too. Hence police should remove the barbed wires.

R.Ramachandra Rao,

Adikmet Main Road, Vidyanagar