Solo Bharatanatyam performance of Srimathi Sridhar, disciple of Kalaimamani Srekala Bharath was beguiling at the dance festival organized by Parthasarathy Swami Sabha.

Commencing with ‘’" Jaya Janaki Ramana "-Ragamalika - Talamalika as a good introduction, the succeeding numbers -" Varnam - Swamiyai Azhaithodi Vaa" - Ragamalika - Adi, Smarasundaraanguni - Paras - Adi were illustrative of the forms of Bhakti - Sravanam, Kirtanam, Smaranam, Padasevanam, Archanam, Vandanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam and Atmanivedanam culminating in the blissful state of ecstasy attained by the devotee in the brisk footwork and changing facial expressions of the dancers.

Chithrambari Krishnakumar's beautiful voice made the listeners reminisce some of the songs of Ashtapathi in Sampradaya Bhajans popularised by Sri Gopala Krishna Bhagavathar of Pudukottai. Guru, Srekala Bharath's nattuvangam and vocal support was skillfully assisted by Dhananjayan through mrudangam and M.S. Kannan on the violin.

The crowning piece of the entire performance of the evening was the dance for "Varnam - Swamiyai Azhaithodi Vaa" In Ragamalika, Adi, a beautiful composition of Padmasri.K.N. Dhandayudapani Pillai was astonishing . With painstaking Practice, there is no doubt that this growing artiste will achieve excellence in the field of Bharathanatyam. Srimathi Sridhar's dance performance for thillana in paras was immensely appealing to the audience.