A touching song on global warming has been launched on the Youtube by the Everwin Environment Club of the Everwin Group of Schools. V. Mageswari, CEO, Everwin Group of Schools, said the song presented a personal account of Planet Earth lamenting its pathetic state of being polluted and gradually destroyed by mankind. The song is aimed at creating awareness about the dangers of global warming.

The song in Tamil has been composed by upcoming music director Thashi and sung by Durga, a well known Malayalam singer. Keerthi Priya, a viewer on the YouTube, said the song which dealt with deforestation, merciless digging of earth, melting of the Antarctic sea and vehicle pollution was touching and thought-provoking.

The school has been conducting over the years a series of programmes on global warming.

The song can be accessed atwww.youtube.com/watch?v=fdaDoyc_k8c.