Life is full of contradictions and the designs of providence are too hard to decipher before hand. One makes assumptions, dreams, plans and works towards them but the unseen hand of fate ends up writing a script of its own. This is what forms the crux of the serial ‘Ee Tharam Illalu’ on Maa Gold.

The narrative of the serial picks up well to establish the character of a woman who dreams big and has set her sight on joining the IPS.

New twist

She believes in good education and as she starts to inch towards her goal, fate comes out with a completely new twist in her life. Standing in contrast to everything she believes or wants is the character who is not formally educated and is looking for a similar person to share his life. What would happen when these two are forced to come together and marry? ‘Ee Tharam Illalu’ which is dubbed version of the hugely popular Hindi serial ‘Diya Aur Bathi Ham’ is scheduled for telecast on Maa Gold from Monday to Friday 9.30 p.m.

The title song has been rendered by Shravana Bhargavi and Sunil Kashyap and the channel hopes that the serial will replicate its success of Hindi version.

T.Lalith Singh