Expats are part of local Frisbee groups that meet at city beaches. VIPASHA SINHA on the trend

Frisbee squads are beginning to look more like IPL teams. Flying disc enthusiasts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Denmark are part of local teams that play regularly at the beaches of Chennai.

Vishnu Das, captain of team Stall7 explains, “We had a player called Mathew, who came down from the U.S. to India for a tour. When he saw us practicing at Elliot’s beach, he approached us and expressed his desire to play with us. He played with us regularly till it was time for him to leave the city.” Vishnu believes the involvement of players such as Mathew has helped raise standards of Frisbee play. “Ultimate Frisbee (now called Ultimate) is catching up in India. In contrast, it is already a professional sport in many other countries. There is a lot we can learn from players from such countries.” Vishnu recounts how two players from Denmark and another from Germany displayed incredible skills with the flying discs.

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