Business Battle 2010, a two-day commerce fest organised by PSBB, Nungambakkam, began with a bang on October 25. The event was conducted at PSBB, K.K. Nagar.

Among the various on-stage events conducted were business quiz, case study, adzap and role-play, which showcased humour, intellect and theatrical skills of participants. The off-stage events such as product designing (where the participants had to design a utility product using eco-friendly material) and budding architects (where the participants had to sketch the interior and exterior of a company on a given theme) helped in bringing out the artistic talent in every student and helped them in thinking beyond the clichéd knowledge. The second day began with seven teams competing for adzap finals. This was followed by case study which found appreciation from one and all. The stage was set, with great pomp and show, for the finals of bizwiz. The role play, a new concept introduced this year, commanded a repeat show and proved to be a fitting finale. Topics such as Management Principles from Arthasastra and Opportunities for Rural Graduates were brought out by the participating teams. Vidya Mandir, Mylapore, was adjudged the overall winner.