Deepa (23), a resident of Sowcarpet, received Diksha in front of a huge gathering of Jain community in Jain Dhadhawadi at Ayanavaram on July 21.

When a person renounces the worldly life to pursue the path of Jainism, they are initiated into monkhood – Diksha.

Param Pujya Srijina Chadrasagar Suriswar Ji Maharaj and Srihema Chandra Maharaj gave Diksha to Deepa, thus pronouncing her Sadhvi (saint) and she became a follower and devotee of Parama Pujya Jithesh Rathnasree Maharaj. As many as 40 Jain saints participated during the occasion.

Earlier, Deepa was dressed in bridal wear including gold jewellery and silk sari. Chitsakra Mahajan Puja, Goutham Swami Maha Puja Paatila Puja and Vaarsithaan Parokara were also performed.

As part of the function, rice, notebooks and sweets were distributed to the people in and around Samuthira Mudali Street, Thanga Aadippa Nayakkan Street, Govindappa Naayakkan Street and NSC Bose Road. A procession also took place covering all these streets which ended at Jina Mandir.