Ground water levels have considerably decreased in most of the areas of the city including Anandbagh in Secunderabad. Residents here have dug borewell up to a depth of 1,000 feet and above in the last few months. However, local revenue authorities are not looking into the violations as other people are facing a lot of problem due to the practice. It is time the authorities take interest and check illegal drilling of borewells in the area.



CBS in sorry state

Due to indifferent attitude of RTC authorities, Central Bus Station at Gowliguda is in a dilapidated condition. Debris and garbage is dumped at the main entrance and this has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies’. Also the hanger is completely damaged and the metal sheets have worn out.



Rule for autorickshaws

I appreciate the action of the traffic police in strictly implementing the Supreme Court order in regard to tinted side screens of four wheeler vehicles. However, there is also a rule for autorickshaw where in the rear windows should be there. The police should emulate the Tamil Nadu in this aspect and instruct autorickshaw drivers to adhere to the rule.

M.V.Hanumantha Rao,


Rash driving

Controlling over-speeding on Tank Bund is a very difficult task. Almost all the roads are plagued with this problem. Instead of stressing on Tank Bund, police should take steps all over the city. The problem is not only restricted to main thoroughfares but instances of rash driving are witnessed even in the colonies.

I.V.Prabhakara Rao,


Check illegal connections

Despite the High Court ruling, AP Utility companies are hiking up the monthly bills of citizens by adding the FSA component.

This is in addition to the already hiked slab rates of Electricity tariff.

The entire shameless exercise of power utilities reeks of total mismanagement and lack of responsibility towards it consumers.

Why is the Government/Utilities not checking the spread of illegal connections? Why are people with fraud and faulty connections allowed to go scot free and in fact encouraged?

Sudhir. V

Railway woes

On November 5, 2012, my husband and I boarded train no.17640. We were travelling by CC class under PNR no.4656177306. On the said day the platform 1 at Basar had the train indicators surprisingly lit unfortunately. we asked the station master where the CC1 coach would stop, for which he just showed hand towards the starter signal. We waited at the indicator showing CC.

But to our shock we had to carry the luggage and run for about 8 coaches in the rear. We both are senior citizens and are affected with arthritis. This was not the only bad experience for us. We have faced similar ordeals boarding Devagiri express and the worst experience boarding Krishna Express, Ajantha Express in the nights. Even though many passengers is boarding the train at Basar, the station staff never guides anyone properly nor anyone is found on the platform.

Lakshmi Ramaswamy,

R. K. Nagar, Malkajgiri

New format cheques

RBI has decided to introduce new format cheques for all bank transactions across the country from the year 2013. Following this decision, all the cheques in the old format will be condemned and the cheques in the new format will be invariably in force.

However, this proposed move of the RBI is fraught with a hitch in so far as the bank clientele who have issued post-dated cheques to a third party 3 to 6 months in advance so as to redeem the same by the banks in the year 2013 would have to face the problem of their cheques getting bounced when the proposed move would come into force.

Hence, it is expedient that the RBI makes certain amendment to their policy of new cheque format and accordingly relax the rule so as to allow the redemption of all post-dated cheques until the end of the current financial year.

Bh Indu Sekhar,


Tapadia Diagnostics unfair

I have Tapadia Health Card issued by Tapadia Diagnostic Centre which gives me a discount of 10 per cent on all the diagnostic tests undertaken at its branch at Ameerpet. The card number is 4883 and is valid from 25.11.11 to 25.11.13 issued by Ameerpet Branch.

When I have gone for some tests, I was told that the discount facility is withdrawn and I was asked to pay full amount of the bill. This is very shocking and unfair for a reputed diagnostic centre to go back on its commitment abruptly.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao,

Srinagar Colony